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Shakespeare Study
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Course title
Shakespeare Study
Tian Junwu
Instructor’s profile
Prof. Tian Junwu obtained his doctoral degree from Beijing Normal University in 2003. Hisresearch interests focus on Shakespeare, literary stylistics, English and American literature .
Course goals
This course aims to instruct the postgraduates of
English major to appreciate and study the sonnets and plays of William Shakespeare . Through the reading of some sonnets, historical plays , comedies and tragedies of Shakespeare , postgraduates are to gain an introductory ,understanding of Shakespeare's life career, appreciate his drama and poetry and make an academic research on the
1) General Introduction to Shakespeare’s life career,shakespeare’s sonnets
2)Julius Caesar and Shakespeare’s Historical Plays
3)The Merchant of Venice and Shakespeare’s comedies
4)Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare’s tragic-comedies
5)Hamlet and Shakespeare’s tragedies
6)The Tempest and Shakespeare’s miracle plays.
In the end of the course, postgraduates are required to write an academic paper on any work of Shakespeare in which they are interested. Any paper is required to have original ideas and conform to the standards of research papers.
Reference books
1)Righter, Anne. Shakespeare and the Idea of the Play. Chatto & Windus. 1962.
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