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Readings on Western Translation Theories
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Course title
Readings on Western Translation Theories
Li, Yanglong
Instructor’s profile
Professor, Department of Translation Studies, School of Foreign Languages, BUAA.
PhD. in English Language and Literature (Tsinghua University); MA in TESL (Western Michigan University); BA in English Language and Literature (Sichuan International Studies University)
Course goals
The course, Readings on Western Translation Theories, is designed for MA students of Foreign Languages and Literature. It aims to familiarize the students with the general western translation theories, leading figures and their masterpieces; schools of translation theories and their contributions, and development treads in translation studies. The students are expected to familiarize the western translation theories in general, and to study in depth one or two books, or the works of one of translation theorists in particular, in order to build up the students’ theoretical knowledge in the field and develop their research power in the future academic work.
The Name and Nature of Translation Studies; The Nature and Role of Norms in Translation; Science of translation; The Task of the Translator; Chinese and Western Thinking on Translation; Major Types of Translation; Descriptive Framework for Compensation; Translation and Original Similarities and Dissimilarities; Linguistic Models and Methods in the Study of Translation; Skopos and Commission in Translational Action; Translation shifts; The Position of Translated Literature within the Literary Polysystem; Corpora in Translation Studies; Students' report on the self-reading books & Discussion.
The course is assessed through a course paper which reports on his/her self-reading book assigned.
Reference books
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