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Second Language Acquisition
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Course title
Second Language Acquisition
Instructor’s profile
Associate Professor Guowei obtained her certificate for Master’s degree from Harbin Institute of Technology. Her research interests are second language acquisition and language instruction.
Course goals
This course aims to familiarize students with the research history, basic tasks, current problems and research methodology in the SLA research field and to equip them with the basic ability to conduct independent studies.
Topics to be covered in this course include:
Basic tasks, early development and current issues and problems in SLA;
SLA study methods and data analysis methods;
Descriptive studies such as contrastive analysis, error analysis, performance analysis, interlanguage study
Major schools of thoughts in explaining the nature of language acquisition :behaviorism, nativism,
cognitivism, environmentalism
Various affecting factors such as transfer, put, individual factors and social factors
Term paper 70%
Class presentation 30%
Reference books
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