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E/C Translation of Science and Technology
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Course title
E/C Translation of Science and Technology
Xia Li
Instructor’s profile
Female, born in 1975, currently a lecturer with the School of Foreign Languages. Her research interests include E/C & C/E translation, and academic writing in English.
Course goals
To help improve the ability of translation centered around texts of science and technology.
E/C translation of science and technology: basics
Research articles: reading & E/C translation
E/C Translation of patents
E/C Translation of popular science fiction
Paper examination
Reference books
刘宓庆.《文体与翻译》. 北京: 中国对外翻译出版公司,1998.
方梦之. 《英语科技文体:范式与翻译》. 国防工业出版社, 2011.
连淑能.《英汉对比研究》. 北京:高等教育出版社,1993.
谢小苑.《科技英语,翻译技巧与实践》. 北京:国防工业出版社,2008.
庄一方.《专利文献的英汉翻译》[M]. 知识产权出版社,2008.
江镇华.《怎么阅读及翻译英文专利文献》[M]. 知识产权出版社,2010.
Working language
English & Chinese

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