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Course title
Instructor’s profile
PhD of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, associate Professor,involved in studies of phonology, syntax, construction grammar, cognition and discourse.
1.“Stress XP” theory and Chinese NVN phrase stress (in Chinese). Xiandai Waiyu[Modern Foreign Languages], 2011, (1):27-34.
2. Local conjunction, disjunction, and implication of OT constraints: Evidence from the refinement of MinWd (in Chinese). Journal of Beijing 2nd Institute of Foreign Languages, 2012, (12).
3. An exo-skeletal neo-construction grammar approach to some Chinese phrases. Waiguoyu [Journal of Foreign Languages], 2013 (3): 40-49.
4. On aspectual coercion in Chinese. Shijie Hanyu Jiaoxue [Chinese Teaching around the World], 2011(3): 334-345.
5. On construction discourse grammar and construction coercion. Waiguoyu [Journal of Foreign Languages], 2011 (5): 38-45.
6. Grammatical System in Conceptualization: The divergences and cooperation beween Minimalist Program and Cognitive Semantics. Waiyu Yanjiu [Foreign Languages Research], 2010 (5): 13-21.
7. A construction grammar perspective on language acquisition. Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages, 2010(1): 35-44.
8. A Discourse Construction Grammar Approach to Microblog Templatic Parody, Foreign Language Education, 2012(5): 18-22.
Course goals
Providing a sound training in theoretical phonology and other related fields.
Prosody-syntax interface, Optimality Theory, loanword syllabic adaptation, MinWd.
Term paper (60%), assignment (20%), classroom participation (20%)
Reference books
Gussenhoven, C. Understanding Phonology.
Kager,R. Optimality Theory.
Gussenhoven, C. The Phonology of Tone and Intonation.
Working language

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