Vocabulary -grammar of Contemporary Russian
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Course title
Vocabulary -grammar of Contemporary Russian
Course goals
The course Lexis-grammar of Contemporary Russian is designed for MA students of Russian Languages and Literature. It aims to familiarize the course attendants with the basic profiles of grammar, the subjects, methods and new area of ??research and its philosophy, to know how to analysis from the combination of lexical semantics and syntax of the relationship between the internal structure of the word to between words. Vocabulary - Grammar helps students to understand the basic knowledge of grammar concepts and methods of the study, Insight into the structure of the word, in the form of the word, between words from the vocabulary angle combination of syntactic, semantic parsing, Improve the level of grammatical theory, learn to use theoretical analysis of specific grammatical phenomena.
The course encompasses 5 major topics:
the origin of vocabulary grammar study, the basic concepts and their relationship(4 hours)
the structure of words (5 hours)
semantics of word’s forms( 10 hours)
collocation of words(7 hours)
vocabulary and syntax (6 hours)
The course is assessed through one written course papers which report on individual case studies and written test.
Reference books
Институт русского языка АК. 1980 Русская грамматика Наука.
信德麟等 1990俄语语法 外语教育与研究出版社。
张家骅 2003 现代俄语体学 高等教育出版社。
Рахилина. Грамматика конструкции, Азбука.
Working language

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