Computational Linguistics
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Course title
Computational Linguistics
Yuyin He
Instructor’s profile
Dr. Yuyin He obtained her doctor degree from Communications University of China. Her research interests are computational linguistics and corpus linguistics.
Course goals
This course aims to provide students with the fundamentals of computational concepts and methods as these are applied to the study of natural language. Students will gain understanding of and experience with core techniques in English and Chinese natural language processing.
Topics to be covered in this course include overview of computational linguistics, automata and grammars, POS tagging systems, top-down and bottom-up parsing methods, syntactic formalisms, dependency grammar and Python NLTK Toolkit.
Mid-term paper and final paper
Reference books
Jurafsky, D. & Martin, J. Speech and Language Processing, Prentice Hall, 2000, New Jersey.
Natural Language Processing with Python, Steve Bird, Ewan Klein & Eward Loper, O’Reilly, 2009;《Python自然语言处理》(影印版),东南大学出版社,2010
Working language
Mainly Chinese

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