Russian pragmatics
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Course title
Russian pragmatics
Course goals
The course Russian pragmatics is designed for MA students of russian and Literature. It aims to familiarize the course attendants with the history of pragmatics, its ralationship with other fields of linguistics, its subject, the theory of speech act and conversation implicature. By this course, students are expected to know the close relationship between linguistics and real speech,to develop their ability in investigating dialog-discourse by using pragmatic theories.
The course encompasses 4 parts:
The history of pragmatics (8 hours)
Theory of speech act (8 hours)
Theory of conversation implicature ( 10 hours)
Proposision (6 hours)
The course is assessed through two written course papers which report on individual case studies and project work.
Reference books
王蓉 自编俄语语用学资料
华邵 2006 语言经纬 商务出版社
Working language

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